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A short time ago while vacationing in the Great White North, I had an opportunity to try Tim Horton’s coffee. As you may know, this franchise is pretty much a Canadian institution. Trying to find an adult in Canada who had never had Tim Horton’s coffee before was like trying to find an adult in the U.S. who had never tried a McDonald's hamburger. In other words, it probably couldn't be done! At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed the brew (not to mention the doughnuts) at that chain, and could see why all my Canadian friends raved about the place. I became completely addicted to the stuff in the two weeks that I stayed in Canada.

Once I returned back home, I had to come up with a way to get the Tim Horton’s coffee that I so badly craved. I know there are numerous store locations in the United States, but they're mostly in places like New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, and other states that are nowhere near me. As much as I loved Tim Horton’s coffee, I wasn't about to drive hundreds of miles every time I wanted a cup of Joe! Though I was disappointed at not having a store in my area, I wasn't about to give up on my quest.

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I logged onto the Internet and did a bit of research. It seems that I'm not the only one who wishes they could get Tim Horton’s coffee outside of Canada. In fact, there are even a couple of online retailers that ship fresh-ground or instant Tim Horton’s coffee to nearly any destination in the world. Sure, it was a bit pricey compared to other brands that I could have bought at my local grocery store, but to me it was worth every penny.

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Now that I can get Tim Horton’s coffee delivered right to my home, I've been sharing the brew with all of my friends. For the most part, they've come to love Tim Horton’s coffee just as much as I do. A few of them have even started ordering home deliveries of their own. I guess they agree that no other domestic brands even come close to the quality, freshness, and taste of Canada's most popular offering.

So if you miss Tim Horton’s coffee as much as I do or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about, I recommend visiting a franchise near you or ordering from an online retailer today. Once you try this brand, you'll likely become a convert too.

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